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Offered Erythritol Sweetener is noted as a calorie-free sweetener as well as sugar alternative. Basically, it is a polyol that is also found naturally in some fermented foods as well as fruits. It appears to be highly safe and works as a natural sweetener that is attaining more and more popularity, particularly within the food industry. This sweetener is extensively employed as the sweetener in candies, calorie-reduced foods or bakery products. It is widely applicable as an artificial sweetener primarily because it is slightly sweet, but has lesser calories. Erythritol Sweetener has a very low glycemic index, and is when added to beverages, muffins, or sweets can decrease the blood glucose build-up, which causes weight gain.
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Erythritol Sweetener

Price: 180 INR

Erythritol is a natural sugar substitute that helps you stay healthy and stay sweet. Erythritol is derived from fermented sugar using a natural process (fermentation).


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